Leading Innovation

Superfine® is setting the pace:
Superfine® was the first company in the world to manufacture fine-gauge knit fabrics. The market trend to fine-gauge fabrics – and the increasingly large market segment for them – was established by Superfine® and will continue to be substantially determined by Superfine®. Superfine® is the original.

Superfine® is a technological breakthrough for a new dimension of knit fabrics. This development is not over, the process of further developing fine fabrics and the market is ongoing.

First & Finest – World records since the year 2000:
The starting point for the Superfine® development was formed by Superfine® knitting technology in gauge E44 which at the time represented the technological limit and a world record in fineness.

Since that time Superfine® has laid claim to be “First & Finest”. The Superfine® technology has experienced constant refining up to gauge E80 and into a great variety of other knitting technologies. Thus to date several world records have been achieved and held by Superfine®.

At the peak of innovation:
Superfine® stands today at the peak of innovation and continues to hold a technological leading role. Certain production technologies or characteristics are only available from Superfine®. Superfine® has a very large industrial production base and a very well established production system.

Many years’ experience:
Because of this leading and pioneering role, Superfine® has the longest experience in the manufacture and finishing of fine-gauge manufactured knit fabrics. Also the wide range of different fabric qualities has no comparison. It is a part of the Superfine philosophy to make this experience usable for world markets and to continue to develop outstanding fabrics with previously unknown properties for the benefit of garment manufacturers and final consumers.