More functionality

Superfine® offers a range of fabrics with special properties which combine beauty and comfort for the wearer with functional fabric properties. Thus with functional fabrics the wearer does not have to give up the Superfine® fabric properties she is used to. Quite the opposite, they are supplemented by further properties.

Shapewear fabrics:

Thanks to the many years’ technical experience of Superfine®, with these fabrics it has been succeeded in incorporating shaping properties into fabrics with relatively low weight. These fabrics are compact and thin, have little bulk but still provide the full performance of traditional foundation garments or corsetry fabrics manufactured with standard gauges. The fabrics of this segment have elastane contents of 30 to over 60 % – something that was previously considered as unworkable.

So it is now possible to replace previously thick and coarse fabrics that only offered little comfort to the wearer and also were of little benefit for the look by modern, thinner, smooth and much more beautiful Superfine® fabrics. All this with greatly improved comfort for the wearer.

Superfine® shapewear fabrics have outstanding properties and offer underwear manufacturers many advantages:

  • Fantastic stretch power, elongation and recovery
  • Ideally suitable for molding purposes (lingerie cups and bras)
  • Perfect shaping effects for corsetry and big sizes
  • Minimizer und shaping effects also for swimwear
  • Perfect to use for performance wear in sports and outdoor
  • Despite the high elastane content the fabrics have an authentic touch and look
  • Superfine® shapewear is available in synthetic yarn combinations (micro-polyamide, polyester) or from natural fibres (cotton, Micro-Modal) as well as in fancy fashion looks
  • The elastane is not visible in the dyed fabric (no negative „grin-through“ effect). Either the elastane is dyed in the same colour as the fabric or the use of black elastane assures a perfect colour harmony with the fabric in total.


Who asks for more than just a comfortably to wear fabric and a beautiful garment, is right with our offer of cosmetotextiles. In this type of fabric there are embedded permanent cosmetic properties, which will do good to the human body and will create a feeling of well-being to the consumer.

Speaking technologically, this will be achieved by nanotechnology and micro-encapsulation. The active ingredients are released while wearing the garments by “mechanical” interaction with the body and will act upon the skin. This effect is permanent and proven for dozens of wearing-washing-cycles.

Some functionalities of our cosmetotextiles are:

  • Aloe Vera – skin care
  • Anti-oxidants for anti-aging effects
  • Vitamin und caffeine-substances for skin firming und against cellulite
  • Substances for the transformation of body warmth into reflected infrared rays to warm the body
  • Cooling fabrics
  • Wellness fabrics with thermal water extracts

A special domain in this collection group is our “scent fabrics”. No matter if it is strawberry, chocolate, green tea or Vanilla, the choice of different scents is tremendous. Also your own scent creations are possible.