Your advantages

Superfine® offers numerous advantages for all users.

Advantages for the consumer:

  • Superfine® is something totally new and exciting
  • There are permanently new fabric developments taking place
  • Wearing comfort: Superfine® is extremely comfortable to wear
    It is simply a good feeling to wear Superfine® fabrics
  • Superfine® is like a second skin: it’s as if it isn’t even there
  • Beauty: A luxurious feel with an elegant fabric surface
  • Fine, compact and thin. Flattering fabrics.
  • High-class and high-quality, yet understated
  • The Superfine® effect also remains unaffected after numerous washes

Advantages for the garment manufacturer:

  • Superfine® is a true innovation and a completely new technology
  • Superfine® enables differentiation on the market
  • Existing basic ranges can be reinvigorated with Superfine®
  • Superfine® enables the creation of completely new and innovative product ranges
  • Superfine® delivers the correct marketing argumentation to the consumer at the point of sale
  • Superfine® is an easily marketable attribute
  • Superfine® offers a large range for almost all collections in underwear, swim- and sportswear, ready-to-wear and casual/lounge wear
  • Many Superfine® fabrics also offer freecut / cleancut properties and can be cut without the need to be sewn

Economic advantages:

  • The price/performance ratio of Superfine® fabrics is very comparable to the one of standard fabrics
  • Thanks to the centre-crease free production technology, Superfine® is exploited in the best possible way in cutting the fabrics. An advantage which, depending on the cutting pattern, equates to cost savings of up to 10 %
  • Competitive price level thanks to large-scale industrial production
  • Fabric widths tending to be larger contribute to further optimisation of cost in cutting the fabrics