More beauty

Superfine® fabrics are more beautiful than traditional fabrics. The extraordinarily even and smooth fabric surface of Superfine® is markedly different from standard knit fabrics. The individual stitches, stitch wales and rows form a unit into a unique, compact and homogeneous fabric surface. Thus the typical knit structure of a knit fabrics can hardly been seen with the naked eye.

Opaque looks can be achieved even with very low weights. Superfine® fabrics have little bulk. Because of their compactness and thinness they are exceptionally comfortable and light to wear. This gives new and more beautiful looks while at the same time providing clearly improved comfort for the wearer. And all this is without the wearer having to give up the fabric properties she has been used to.

Clothing manufactured from Superfine® fabrics is lighter, finer and much less restricting and thus gives a feeling of lightness and comfort for the wearer.