More technology

Superfine® is defined first of all by the fine-gauge knit of the fabrics. But not only that. Also innovative yarn applications, new knit constructions, particular dyeing and finishing processes result in ongoing new technological innovations that translate into new fabrics, frequently even world innovations.

Freecut / Cleancut
A great many of our Superfine® fabrics and special fabric constructions are having freecut / cleancut possibilities. This means, that fabrics can be cut and used in garments without having the need of closing the cutted edges with sewing seams.

While in earlier times freecut / cleancut was restricted to fabrics from warp knitting, and here only to fabrics made from synthetic yarns, the diverse Superfine® developments made it possible to transfer this property to circular knitted fabrics. Superfine® also succeeded in manufacturing the first-ever freecut fabrics from natural fibres that can be processed with open edges and without seams. The cutted edges can be left open and will not dissolve while wearing the garments or after multiple wearing-washing-cycles. Despite missing seams or even waistbands, these fabrics will provide perfect fit and comfort.

Garments being elaborated with Superfine® freecut / cleancut technology are particularly decent and sober. The perfect garments for every day. There are no constraining or itching seams; no tight waistband. Freecut / cleancut underwear will hardly be visible under regular cloths and will not show any panty lines on the outside.

Superfine® has developed a technology and a process of how to make fabrics from natural fibres much more upmarket and graceful. Besides the mere machine fineness (fine gauges) and the premium quality (and fineness) of the applied yarns, the intrinsically dull natural fibres are treated in a way to achieve an attractive shiny fabric surface.

The sheen of the fabric surface can be light or intense. Most importantly, the fabrics remain soft and supple. They are more beautiful and cosier to wear. In addition, some technical parameters, like propensity to pilling or moiré-effects, are strongly reduced or will be avoided in total.

The technological equipment and the defined process steps required for this treatment are only available at Superfine®. For this very reason and due to their special and unique character, these fabrics are offered under the registered trademark „SplendidS® – Sophisticated Shine Surface“.

Our Rainbow fabrics will give the perfect answer of how to create marl (heather) fabrics without being tied to an existing yarn colour palette or being forced to high yarn purchasing volumes of marl yarns.

Rainbow means freedom: Freedom in your colour decision and freedom in your purchasing volumes. You choose – we make it happen. By means of a system of coordinated colour intensities (of pre-treated and prepared yarns) we will dye the marl colour you wish. The resulting visual appearance is exactly like for a conventional marl yarn – but not defined by a coloured fibre blend in the yarn (with all disadvantages) but achieved via the dyehouse.

Our Rainbow fabrics are offered from Micro-Modal® and from cotton. In line with several plain base qualities there are a number of fabric structures, ringlets and stripes as well as a palette of fabrics using different yarn blends together with the Rainbow yarn.

Whoever loves natural fibres and does not want to abandon functional fabric properties, is just right with our unique Skindry fabrics made from Micro-Modal®. So far, fabric properties like humidity transport or the keeping dry and warm of the body could only be achieved by the use of synthetic fibres.

Skindry was specifically developed for natural fibres to work as a climate buffer to the body. The ability of the fibre to absorb body humidity (storage) remains intact; at the same time the fabric will ensure a diffusion to the outside. The properties of absorbing and transporting humidity, which seem to be contradictory, are combined in the functionality of these fabrics. A feeling of coldness or wetness when in direct contact to the skin is heavily reduced, as the humidity will be diffused to the outside.

This type of fabric is ideal for hobby sports, soft sports (like yoga), but also for day and nightwear.