Superfine® – the brand

Superfine® – Finest Gauge Fabrics is the registered trademark for the finest circular and warp knitted fabrics worldwide. Everywhere where you see this trademark you can trust that the finest, most demanding quality and most innovative fabrics in the world are being used.

Superfine® fabrics have been manufactured since 2000. Here a technological breakthrough has been achieved that has enabled the fineness and comfort of knit fabrics to be increased many times over. A completely new category of fabrics came about that was very rapidly able to achieve a great market success as many manufacturers of branded clothing saw great benefits for their products and a differentiation in the market. Because of the great market success, the trademark Superfine® was registered for this category of fabrics and thus legally protected.

Superfine® is a market and innovation leader in the segment of fine-gauge manufactured circular and warp knitted fabrics. Some of the finest, purest and most extraordinary knit fabrics in the world are from Superfine®.